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Bones and ranking vines, nature and it’s growth and decay, the aura of things that show they had a live and have a past.


Combining my passions for textiles and metal, my love for all things dark and organic, the core of our physical existence keeps fascinating me. Bones give a feeling of eternity because they are what stays behind. They symbolise life and death, and without them, no human being could stand upright. Their shapes can be beautiful but ominous and dark, they seem familar but twisted at a second glance. Jewelry, not only a symbol of beauty and wealth but historically also of vanity and perishability, is a perfect medium for me to deal with death and other often pushed away emotions.


In my work, I’m pulling our innermost structures to the surface and adorn the body with whats within, while fusing tradtitional techniques and materials with experimental approaches.



Repeating elements that are still each unique, partly serially produced, partly handmade and sometimes hold together by textiles, resembling the bone marrow or plants.

Cast vertebrae in bronze or silver, cut vertebrae in copper. Oxidised, blackened surfaces.


The sternum and the ribcage as center of the body, protecting the heart and other inner organs.

Chased, cut and oxidised copper and alpaca pieces that can be worn as necklace or harness. Dyed, vintage and rusted textiles are part of some pieces.



Nipples of different people cast in silver and worn as rings or pins. Age or gender shouldn't play a role if you decide to show of this bodypart.

I also make custom nipples if you want to wear you lover's, your friend's or your own.


The ribcage acts as a natural shield to protect our inners, our heart. Seemingly fragile, it is protected by silver shapes resembling the sternum and ribs or a piece of armour. The bright red textile part is a hyperbolic crochet shape, twisting and turning, almost seeming like a living creature itself, bursting with movement when worn. Together with the vivid colour standing for the flowing, pumping blood keeping us alive, it reminds us to sometimes break free from overly protective cages.

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